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National Honor Society / California Scholarship Federation

National Honor Society / California Scholarship Federation      

Students have the opportunity to qualify for National Honor Society and/or California Scholarship Federation with each semester's final grades. If a student meets the membership requirements with their grades, they should complete their membership before the announced deadline the following semester (February for fall grades, November for spring grades). 


In addition, National Honor Society has a community service component which is fulfilled by showing a previous history of community service (on record with the College & Career Center). If a student has not yet completed community service, they may fill out the NHS form (back side) by completing hours at Santa Barbara High. For this alternate community service option, the hours should be performed during the semester the student qualifies (hours should be done in the fall semester for fall semester grades, and spring semester hours may be done during the spring semester or summer). Alternate community service must meet the same guidelines stated on the community service form. 



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