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Clubs 2014-15

This is our list of active clubs for the 2014-15 school year! This will be updated as clubs are added.
Club Name:Club Purpose:Club Advisor:Advisor Email:President:President Email:Meeting Room:Meeting Day(s):Meeting Time:
Anime ClubTo create discussion amongst students and discover new forms of Japanese media and cultureStephanie Riverasbhschem@gmail.comNicholas Stullnickfroyll@gmail.comroom 218Mon. & Wed.@lunch
Asian Heritage Clubto expose and inform SBHS students of Asian cultureRoberta Nyernye@sbsdk12.orgKai Zhangkaizhang333@gmail.comMs. Nye's roomThursday@lunch
Auric MagazineTo create a periodical online journal of the lives, sights and experiences of high school studentsAJ Henningajhenning@sbsdk12.orgJessie Moorejessie.marie.moore@gmail.comMADTuesday@lunch
Aviation ClubTo bring people with and interest in Aviation together, and provide a means, and a place for them to talk abour Aviation. Also, to help with problems and confusion pertaining to Aviation, like flight plans or studying for written examsReid WagnerRwagner@sbsdk12@.orgAustin Hanceyhancy.austin@gmail.comroom 302Thursday@lunch
Backpacking ClubTo meet other people who like or want to go backpacking.Maggie Lightmlight@sbsdk12.orgAaron Peytonthealphabet101@gmail.comroom 71Thursday@lunch
Car ClubA group for students to see, talk, and learn about cars.Kathleen Vastakvasta@sbsdk12.orgPatrick Rollinspatrickjohnrollins@gmail.comMs. Vasta's roomevery other Thursday@lunch
Cinema SocietyTo foster a love of the cinemastic art through open discussions, movie screenings and off-campus activities. We aslo hope to start a SBHS film library, through donations and fundraisers.Roberta Nyernye@sbsdk12.orgBridget Mitchellbridgetbunny123@gmail.commrs nye's roomFriday2 - 4
Computer Science ClubHelp aid the Computer Science Academy with fundraisers and events. Develop students into better programmers and fulfill the interest and curiosity students have towards the subject of computer science.Paul Muhlpmuhl@sbsdk12.orgAdam Eidelsonadam.eidelson@gmail.comroom 26wednesday@lunch
Direct ReliefThe purpose of our club is to work with other SBHS Y4DR clubs (Bishop Diego, SMHS, Cate School, SBMS, and Laguna Blanca) to fundraise for DR. The other purpose is to educate our club members on what aid is needed throughout the world and how we can help. We would like the primary education and fundraising this fall to be the Ebola Viris. Each school decides how they would like to raise money.Mr. Gamblelgamble@sbsdk12.orgAndrew Fayandrewfay3@gmail.comVariesVaries@lunch and after school
Dons to the RescueGroup of students coming together to collect goods for the less fortunate of Santa BarbaraJamie Davisjadavis@sbsdk12.orgEmily Cockellemily.cockell7@gmail.comroom 67Wednesday@lunch
Dream TeamDream team writes cards for the Dream Foundation. These cards are delivered to elderly homes and to people that are terminally ill. Dream Team also announces volunteer opportunities for the Dream FoundationJohn Gannonjgannon@sbsdk12.orgMikayla Wernerkaylaw268@gmail.comroom 210Thursday@lunch
E3To fundraise money for girls' school tuition and supplies in Honduras whose lives have been affected by HIV/AidsLawrence Gamblelgamble@sbsdk12.orgLilla Petruskapetruskalilla@gmail.comroom 212First and Third Wednesday@lunch
Fantasy Football ClubTo get people into Fantasy Football, strategizing, talking about weekly matchups, and discussing the NFL in general. In the offseason we will meet less, but possibly play football aswell.Kayla Linaneklinane@sbsdk12.orgPorter Rees/ Sean Babcockporterrees.sb@gmail.comField HouseTuedays@lunch
Fellowship of Christian AthletesTo use the powerful medium of athletes to impact the campus for Jesus Christ.Ryan Throoprthroop@sbsdk12.orgCuyler Gabrielcuyler8@icloud.comroom 294Wednesday@lunch
Food ClubThe underlying motivation for the existence of Food Club is to educate students of the importance of nutricianally balanced meals, especially on campus. We strive to work with Cafeteria Staff and members from the district to make chnages for the cafeteria food on campus and ecourage more students to stay on campus for lunch.Kathleen Vastakvasta@sbsdk12.orgLindsey Depledgeroom 87Wednesday@lunch
French ClubTo explore and celebrate French language and culture through films, food and other cultural mediumsKristen Bassettkbassett@sbsdk12.orgMadeline Schmidtmaywriter@gmail.comroom 202Tuesday@lunch
Friday Night LiveFNL provides SBHS students a safe environment on campus for students to have opportunities in advocacy. Student engagement, leadership, planning, and public speaking skills while promoting an alcoholic, tobacco, and other drug free lifestyles. FNL is student led and students come together weekly to take action to improve conditions on their campus by planning and participating Red Ribbon week, Free 4 the Weekend, and other activities throughout the year.Rose Myersrmyers@cadasb.orgCinthia Lopezlopezcinthia77@yahoo.comroom 64Tuesday@lunch
Friends of SEERaise awareness about what SEE International organization does in our ocmmunity and to impoverished communites across the globe.Brooke Van Der Karbvanderkar@sbsdk12.orgChloe Hourdequinchourdequin@comcast.netroom 63Thurs. once a month@lunch
Green ClubPromote sustainable livingJose Caballerojcaballero@sbsdk12.orgSarah Wallocksarahwallock@gmail.comroom 342every other Wed.@lunch
GSATo create a safe space for LGBTQ students and alliesMaggie Lightmlight@sbsdk12.orgJustice Brycejusticeeeeee14@gmail.comMrs. Light roomMonday@lunch
Guerilla Gardening CollectiveTo teach people about growing their own food, and turn abandoned plots into a fertile and productive garden.Kathleen Vastakvasta@sbsdk12.orgKelly Biswellkjbiswell@gmail.comroom 87wednesday@lunch
H4O (hands for others)The organization that raises money to build clean water systems to send to villages in third world countriesPaul Forsterpforster@sbsdh12.orgVictoria Blanconetorigirl98@gmail.comMr Forster's RoomThursdays@lunch
Hearts Theraputic Riding ClubTo educate and raise awareness about theraputic riding. Raise money to purchase new riding helmetss for the riders. Do small projects to benefit Hearts riders (make cards). Post "Horse Needed" signs.Elayne Araujoearaujo@sbhsdons.orgGeorgia Casesargeorgiacasesar@gmail.comroom 206Friday@lunch
Hiefer InternationalTo raise funds and awareness for Heifer International a charity organization that gives impovershed people around the world the training, livestock, and resources to become self-sustainable farmers, abd subsequently lift their communities out of poverty.Maggie Lightmlight@sbsdk12.orgEmma Cisekemma.cisek@gmail.comroom 71Tuesday@lunch
Hiking ClubTo share interest in hiking and the outdoors. We have 5 hikes planned to help fellow students enjoy nature as much as we do.Tina Hillthill@sbsdk12.orgHugh Cookhughrules.cook3@gmail.comMrs. Hill roomWednesday every other week@lunch
History ClubTo support Historical inquiry through meetings, discussions, and films.Roberta Nyernye@sbsdk12.orgSpencer Glesbyscout661@cox.netMs. Nyes's roomone monthly monday@lunch
Interact ClubProvide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.John Gannonjgannon@sbsdk12.orgWilliam Belfiorewilliambelfiore5@gmail.comroom 210Every Thursday@lunch
Junior State of AmericaThe underling motivation for existence of the Junior State of America is to expose American youth to the institutions of politics, governement, and above all the responsibility of civil duty and involvment. We strive to prepare today's students to be tomorrow's leaders and this lofty goal is achieved through our energetic debates, thought talks and study of law, politics, and current events. Differing contemporary ideologiess as well as competing schools of logical thought are focused on broadly, in order to enable our youth to form their own opinions and embark inquiry based learning.Lawrence Gamblelgamble@sbsdk12.orgWilliam Belfiorewilliambelfiore5@gmail.comroom 212Mondays@lunch
Lacrosse ClubTo inform students of the rules and history of lacrosse and establish lacrosse on SBHS.Chris Jenkinscjenkins@sbsdk12.orgAlexandra Reyneralexreyner@me.orgroom 42Thursdays@lunch
Let's DanceTo bridge the gap of all different types of people at SBHS throguht the power of dance.Kory Rapanutkrapanut@sbsdk12.orgEmily Stokesemilystokes97@gmail.comroom 107Tuesday@lunch
Model United NationsModel United Nations is to educate students about international affairs and provide opportunities for researching and addressing globaol issues.Lawrence Gamblelgamble@sbsdk12.orgWill Buchananwbuchanansb@gmail.comroom 2121st and 3rd tuesday@lunch
Mountain Biking ClubTo provide a healthy and welcoming environment that encourages students interested in cycling to meet and plan rides that develop the student's sense of self worth and accomplishment while getting fit, learning, connecting with nature, and having fun.Kristina Hillkhill@sbsdk12.orgKieran HookKieran.hook@gmail.comroom 310Thursday@lunch
Ping Pong ClubTo give students a fun outlet to play with their friends at lunch. The club will also make it its mission to help spread awareness about, and involvment with the sport of ping-pong.Otto Laymanolayman@sbsdk12.orgKai Zhangkaizhang333@gmail.comGymTuesday/Wednesday@lunch
Reinvent ConsentTo start a dialogue among teenagers about consent, victim blaming, and sexual harrassmentMaggie Lightmlight@sbsdk12.orgLucia Dallettluciadallett@gmail.comroom 71wednesday@lunch
Robotics ClubTo learn about, build, and compete with robotsPaul Muhlpmuhl@sbsdk12.orgPatrick TomasSBHSrobotics@gmail.comRobotics LabTuesday, Thursday@lunch, 5-7/ 5-7
SB Fight BackJohn Tormeyjtormey@sbsdk12.orgAbby Austinabby.austin@yahoo.comMr. Tormey roomMonday@lunch
SBHS Band TrustTo provide music and entertainment at school sports events, as well sa in the city of Santa Barbara. Each group will perform on and off campus throughout the school year and summer (marching band).Kearny Vander Salkvandersal@sbsdk12.orgKarina Portugalkportugal96@gmail.comband room2nd monday18:DecDec pm
SBICITo provide people a service of bike repair, instruction, and sales.Lee Knodellknodel@sbsdk12.orgDavid CurlandJDCurland@gmail.comAuto shopThursday3-4:30
Sing Out LoudTo serve as a center to raise awareness that music is important to a childs development. Tied closely to the non-profit sing-out-loud project.Roberta Nyernye@sbsdk12.orgChristina Buchanancbuchanan@gmail.comMs Nye's roommonday monthly@lunch
Social ClubWe plan to meet weekly for lunches with students in our school's special education program in order to bridge the divide between general ed and special ed students, aswell as help the students engage in social activites.Chris HollandHannah Rosshannahross33@gmail.comQuad or room 104Thursday@ lunch
Songwriters ClubTo provide an open environment for young songwriters to recieve creative support and constructive critisism.Kearny Van Der Salkvandersal@sbsdk12.orgOlivia Harrisojsharris@gmail.comband roomThursday@lunch
Special OlympicsThe purpose is to create awareness for special olympics. Special Olypic events help represent SBHS students.Maggie Lightmlight@sbsdk12.orgMia Bartonmiathemouse@gmail.comroom 71monday
Stand up to CancerTo raise money for cancer research, and be apart of the relay 4 life in may.Linnea Meisterlmeister@sbsdk12.orgAbby Austinabby.austin@yahoo.comroom 206Wednesday@lunch
Surf ClubTo bring surfers together at SBHS, in light of the long history and tradition of surfing excellence at this school; club members may elect to compete in surf contests organized by the WSA scholastic surf series or similar events and may identify themselves as affiliated with the SBHS surf club.Stephanie Riverasrivera@sbsdk12.orgHana Antrimhdantrim@gmail.comroom 363Thursday@lunch
Swing SpotTo introduce swing and other social dance forms to a younger crowdSteve ToddShug Cvitanicnatalie.cvitanic@gmail.com
Teens Helping Other Teens TodayRaising money and awareness for the Santa Barbara Transition House.Bill Dodsonbdodson@sbsdk12.orgRosie Raffertyrrrosie77@gmail.comroom 33wednesday@lunch
Ultimate Frisbee OrgThe genuine intention of the founding, and faithful operation of this club is to spread cultural awareness, and acceptance of the sport Ultimate Frisbee in its purest form. Our "ultimate" objective being to seamlessly assimulate the ancient, time-honored art of Frisbee into modern Western culture, we have deemed it only necessary to begin this club in order to expose the next generation of Patriotic Americans to the sport.Kayla Linaneklinane@sbsdk12.orgWilliam Belfiorewilliambelfiore5@gmail.comPeabody StadiumFriday@lunch
UNICEF ClubThe UNICEF club partners with the U.S. fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise in order to save children in 190 countries around the globe.Lawrence Gamblelgamble@sbsdk12.orgMarianna Alevramariannaalevra@gmail.comroom 2122nd and 4th tuesday@lunch
Young Democratsinvolve students in the political process, and experience local, regional, and state politicsTBDDavid Zevalloszevallosdavid3@gmail.com208friday@lunch

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