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Clubs 2013-14

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60 feetTo help the children in the "M Rehabilitation Center" in Uganda recieve education, medical care, and justice. Mr. RichterRRICHTER@SBSDK12.ORGGracie Fisher202ThLunch
Academics FirstTo encourage student athletes to focus on the importance of academics and college test preparation skills. It will promot academics first and provide motivational speakers to speak at season practices. Will also raise money to provide outside test consultants to speak about PSAT and SAT Prep.Chris WagonhurstE/O TLunch
Anime and Cartoon ClubTo introduce new anime/cartoons to the members of the club and express creativity.Mr. JenkinsCJENKINS@SBSDK12.ORGKamryn Bauersfeld42WLunch
Asian Heritage ClubTo teach members about Asian culture.Ms. VanDerKarBVANDERKAR@SBSDK12.ORGSandy Campbell631st & 3rd WLunch
AviationTo bring people with an interest in aviation together and provide a means and a place for them to talk about aviation. Also, to help with problem and confusion pertaining to aviation, like flight plans or studying for written exams. The club is meant for anyone interested in aviation. No experience is required.Mr. SullivanPSULLIVAN@SBSDK12.ORGJake Sutton31WLunch
AVID Class of 2014To fundraise for AVID activities including college field trips and social activities that promote a college going environment. AVID club conducts its own social activities for current AVID students as well as performs community service through tutoring.Mr. VelascoJVELASCO@SBSDK12.ORGElizabeth Aviles110WLunch
AVID Class of 2015To fundraiser for AVID activities including college field trips and social activities that promote a college going environment. AVID Club conducts its own social activities for current AVID students as well as performs community service through tutoring.Mrs. PenroseBPENROSE@SBSDK12.ORGMarissa Hernandez210TLunch
Backpacks for SuccessTo collect school supplies and distribute them to those who are in need of them.Ms. NyeRNYE@SBSDK12.ORGCayley Boyd88TLunch
Baking ClubTo get together an enjoy baked goods as well as selling baked goods outside of school to raise money for different organizations.Ms. ParkSPARK@SBSDK12.ORGAle Tacconelli219E/O WLunch
CalisthenicsTo encourage physical activity in a fun creative way.Mr. PearsonBPEARSON@SBSDK12.ORGTobby SyFH1ThLunch
Chess & Crochet PartyTo play chess and to chrochet.Mrs. Marsha BarrMBARR@SBSDK12.ORGElishaLibraryTLunch
Climbing ClubTo bring together a group of students interested in the sport of rock climbing.Jose CaballeroJCABALLERO@SBSDK12.ORGSydney Iverson63MLunch
Dons for ChangeRaise awareness on campus about issues of oppression and make school a safe place for everyone.Mr. HarmachisMHARMACHIS@SBSDK12.ORGIsabel James21WLunch
Dons RidersTo attend parades, street clean ups, cutomization of bikes and cars as directly approved by the students council and indirectly by the school principle and governing board of Santa Barbara High School District. Mr. MenchacaPMENCHACA@SBSDK12.ORGHector AvilaMr. Menchaca's roomT
Dream TeamTo help Dream Foundation raise money, make cards, bouquets, and volunteer at events.Mr. GannonJGANNON@SBSDK12.ORGMikayla Werner
EntrepreneursTo teach others how to start a successful business.Mr. ForsterPFORSTER@SBSDK12.ORGSloan Hanson76E/O MLunch
FilmTo educate members on filmmaking techniques, directors, history, etc.Mr. GannonJGANNON@SBSDK12.ORGJackson Duneier2031st & 3rd WLunch
Food ClubFor students to meet to discuss food on campus and provide feedback on behalf of students to Food Services, PTSA, and the community.Ms. VastaKVASTA@SBSDK12.ORG1st TLunch
Free the ChildrenTo educate the public about child labor while raising money to build schools and wells in impoverished places.Mrs. GeremiaHGEREMIA@SBSDK12.ORGLexy Gulden62E/O MLunch
Friday Night LiveTo promote community service, social action activities, campus-wide educational campaigns, participation in advocacy for safe and healthy environments and promotion of healthy policies organized and led by youth/students.Ms. Gaby Cabrera and Ms. Rose MyersGCABRERA@SBSDK12.ORGBreana JimenezLunch
Friends of SEERaise awareness about what SEE international organization does in our community and in impoverished communities across the globe.Ms. VanDerKarBVANDERKAR@SBSDK12.ORGChloe Hourdequin63Lunch
Gay Straight AllianceThe GSA aims to create a safe environment in schools for students to support each other and learn about homophobia, transphobia and any other oppressions, educate the school community about homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues and fight discrimination and harrassment in schools.Mrs. LightMLIGHT@SBSDK12.ORGCharlotte Hayward74TLunch
Green ClubDevelop and nurture opportunities to further environmental education for the club's members, the school population, and the community.Jose CaballeroJCABALLERO@SBSDK12.ORGDaniel E. FeinbergGreenhouseWLunch
Heifer International ClubTo raise funds and awarness for Heifer International, a charity organization that gives impoverished people around the world the training, livestock, and resources to become self-sustainable farmers, and subsequently lift their communities out of poverty. Mrs. LightMLIGHT@SBSDK12.ORGKarina Thornton71E/O TLunch
Human Rights WatchTo raise awareness within our school and community about the current Human Rights issues as well as the work being done by HRW around the world today. With a focus on child rights issues. Such as the issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where children work in Coltan mines and the Lords Resistance Army is a major threat. Human Rights documents human rights issues in many countries, so that all humans are given equal justice and rights.Mrs. LightMLIGHT@SBSDK12.ORGAlice and Ellen Upton71E/O ThLunch
International ClubTo help foreign exchange students become acclimatized to living in the US, while providing them with exclusive US and SB activities. Ms. VanDerKarBVANDERKAR@SBSDK12.ORGMacKenzie Monroe63WLunch
Jewish ClubTo provide a place for Jewish students, and non-Jewish students to discuss current issues and learn about Judaism.Daniel Feinberg33ThLunch
Just World InternationalThe purpose of this club is to inform the students at SBHS about Justworld intertnational. Justworld aims to help children in impoverished countries recieve food, clean water, and an education. Ms. NyerhyeRNYE@SBSDK12.ORG@sbsdk12.orgHadley Boyd1st MLunch
Kayak ClubMr. VelascoJVELASCO@SBSDK12.ORGMiguel PortugalSenior LawnThLunch
Lacrosse ClubTo inform students of the rules and history of lacrosse and establish lacrosse at SBHS.Mr. JenkinsCJENKINS@SBSDK12.ORG42ThLunch
Library FundraisingTo have fundraisers to purchase library books and other resources for students.Mrs. Marsha BarrMBARR@SBSDK12.ORGIliana SalinasLibraryP. 4
Los AcademicosTo provide Latino students and the rest of the student body information and networking on higher education. As well as helping students in the club get involved in the school community.Ms. GutierrezagutierrezAGUTIERREZ@SBSDK12.ORG@sbsdk12.orfJacky CastroCollege and Career Center
Magazine of the ArtsTo create an online magazine that displays several different types of art through writing.Mr. AJ HenningAHENNING@SBSDK12.ORGJessie MooreMADTLunch
Military ClubTo learn about military opportunities and prepare physically for a career in the military.Mr. QuigleyJQUIGLEY@SBSDK12.ORGMorgan HaleFH2WLunch
MujercitasA safe environment for young ladies in which they can become independent, responsible, and empower their education in order to become successful in the career path that they choose.Mr. MenchacaPMENCHACA@SBSDK12.ORGEvely JimenezACR RoomThLunch
Pathways To College ClubTo promote college awarness, motivate students to pursie high education, peer to peer mentorship, and college visits. Mr. Spencer BarrSBARR@SBSDK12.ORGDiana EscobarCollege and Career CenterFAfter School
Ping Pong ClubTo bring students a fun outlet to play their friends at lunch. The club will also make a mission to help spread awarness about, and involvment withthe sport of Ping Pong. Mr. Spencer BarrSBARR@SBSDK12.ORGWilliam BelfioreGirls' GymT & Th
Radical Student CollectiveA club for people to share ideas/ discuss radical ideas in a safe space free of hierarchy/oppression. This club will focus on using direct action to solve community problems regarding inequality/social issues.Ms. VastaKVASTA@SBSDK12.ORGKelly Biswell87TLunch
Red CrossTo help provide public awareness of medical and emergency procedures as well as providing outreach to the community.Ms. SlempJSLEMP@SBSDK12.ORGIsabelle Chierici
Robotics ClubTo promote and encourage the study of robotics and prompting computer science.Mr. ParsonsBPARSONS@SBSDK12.ORGPatrick Tomas26W & Th4-6:30
Santa Barbara High School Historical SocietyTo engage students in historical thought and analysis through participation and activities.Ms. NyeRNYE@SBSDK12.ORGSpencer Glesby882nd & 4th M
SAT/ACT Study ClubTo guide in preparing long-term for their upcoming SAT/ACTs, giving those that cannot afford private tutorsan equal opportunity to achieve success on these exams. Mr. BarnettDANIELBARNETT@SBSDK12.ORGApril Rhodes51E/O W
SBHS Peace BuildersTo bring peace to SBHS using comminication circles; helping teachers with restorative apporaches. Also to change the culutre of SBHS by bringing more inclusive school spirit.Martin LeyvaMLEYVA49@GMAIL.COMMAD room3rd Th
SBiciTo give back to our community. To repair bikes and give out bikes for underprivileged kids. To volunteer at public events and charities.Ms. KnodelLKNODEL@SBSDK12.ORGSergio GarciaSBici Yard (down by MAD)Th3-4:30
Sing Out Loud Project ClubTo serve as a center to raise awarness that music is important to a childs development. Tied closely to the non-profit sing out loud project, this club serves as an outreach of that non-profit in Santa Barbara High School will conduct fundraisers. Ms. NyeRNYE@SBSDK12.ORGChristina Buchanan88MLunch
Social SkillsTo help socially low functioning students to interact more appropriately in social settings. These students need typical conversations to model so they may become socially fluent.Mr. RapanutKRAPANUT@SBSDK12.ORGDanielle Smith104ThLunch
Songwriters ClubTo provide a place for students to learn about songwriting, as well as share and recieve feeback on their original songs and music. Mr. OrtegaCORTEGA@SBSDK12.ORGSky UlepBand Room
Sports CommentaryWe will commentate and post podcasts of SBHS sports games and post them on a website.Mr. SandrichTSANDRICH@SBSDK12.ORGAnthony Spann
Surf ClubTo bring surfers together at SBHS, in light of the long history and tradition of surfing excellence at this school; club members may elect to compete in surf contests organized by the WSA Scholastic surf series or similar events and may identify themselves as affiliated with the SBHS Surf Cub.Ms. RiveraSRIVERA@SBSDK12.ORGFoster Campbell
The Swing Spot-Swing Dancing ClubTo introduce variations of swing dance to a young crowd and have a swingin' good time.Mr. ToddSTODD@SBSDK12.ORGShug CvitanicTLunch
Ultimate Frisbee OrganizationThe genuine intention of the founding, and faithful operation of this club is to spread culture awarness, and acceptance of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in its purest form. Our "Ultimate" objective being to seamlessly assimilate the ancient, time-honored art of Frisbee into modern Western culture, we have deemed it only necessary to begin this club in order to expose the next generation of patriotic Americans to the sport.Mr. Spencer BarrSBARR@SBSDK12.ORGWilliam BelfiorePeabody StaduimFLunch
Under-Served MedicineTo raise money and awareness for international medical organizations.Ms. NyeRNYE@SBSDK12.ORGMarandah Field-Elliot88WLunch
Youth for Direct ReliefTo help Direct Relief achieve its mission of improving the health of people in developing countries and those who are victims of natural disasters through raising money and awareness.Mr. GambleLGAMBLE@SBSDK12.ORGAndrew Fay2121st WLunch