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SBHS Works Cited

All bibliography entries should be double spaced. The second line of an entry is indented one-half inch. All punctuation marks must be as shown in samples. If you are using a Netscape browser version lower than 3.0, the underlining of book and journal titles will not appear.



General Form:

Author’s name. Title of the book.* Publication information (city of publication, publisher’s name, and the year of publication).

*Title of book should be underlined or in italics.

Smith, John. The Prairie Fire and End of the Buffalo. New York: Ballentine, 1992.

Book with two or more authors:

Smith, John, and Jane Doe. Two Styles of Rhetoric. Boston: Putnam, 1989.

Smith, John, Jane Doe, and Bill Jones.———-

Smith, John, et. al. (if more than 3)

Book with editor, or author and editor:

Hartman, Phil C., ed. Channels of the Mind. Ogden, Ut: Psychic, 1978.

Gooding, Josephine. “How to Get in Touch with Yourself.” Finding Answers. Ed. Mary Kinsey.

New York: Tanning, 1983: 29-47.

Two Books by Same Author:

Smith, John. The Prairie Fire. New York: Basic, 1992.

— . After The Prairie Fire. New York: Bantam, 1993.

Anonymous Book:

The Survival of the Dolphin. Los Angeles: Putnam, 1992.

Multivolume Work:

Princeton, Charles. A History of Tibet. 3 vols. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania, 1947-49.

Computer Software:

Rosenberg, Theodore J., and Ted Shapiro. Encarta. Computer software. Microsoft, 1993.

Films, Filmstrips, Slide Programs, or Videotapes:

It’s a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. With James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel

Barrymore, and Thomas Mitchell. RKO, 1946.

The End of the Buffalo. Videocassette. Prod. Society of American History, 1987. 34 min.

The Terrible Fear of Cancer. Sound filmstrip. By Dr. John Belinsky. American Medical

Journal. 1967. 3 filmstrips, 3 audiocassettes.

IAC Infotrac:

Hentoff, Nicholas. “Sacred Land.” The Nation 1 January 1990: 5. IAC Infotrac

Online. 23 October 1995.


General Form:

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Work.” Title of Complete Work. Date of source if available. [protocol and address] [path] (date of message or visit).

Smith, John. “Violence in High School.” Parent Magazine. 8 July 1996. (8 July 1992) 3 pp.

**Note: The volume number is listed if included. The page #s could appear as: 34 pars (for the number of paragraphs if no page numbers).

For Janice Walker’s on line documentation home page, click here.


Jensen, Charlotte. Personal interview. 19 June 1993.

Morrison, Angela. Interview. Arizona Republic 15 Feb. 1990: C12.

Letter to the Editor:

Johnson, Bill. Letter. Phoenix Gazette 18 Oct. 1991: A21.


General Form:

Author’s Name. “Title of the article.” Publication information (journal name<underlined or italics> volume number (in yearly or quarterly works), date of publication: page numbers.

Magazine Article (Yearly):

Smith, John. Running the Risk of AIDS.” Science Yearly 98 (1978): 143-45.

Magazine Article (Quarterly):

Doe, Jane. When Autumn Comes to New England.” Country Magazine 45 (Fall 1991):


Magazine Article (Monthly):

Hartman, Cheri. Nursing Changes in the 90’s.” RN Magazine June 1993: 38.

Magazine Article (Weekly):

Hollingshead, Richard. “The Last Days of the Titanic.” U.S. News and World Report

27 May 1985: 27-29+. **

**The “+” is used to show that the article is continued on other pages in the journal.

Magazine Article (Anonymous):

When Radio City Music Hall was King.” Changing Times Nov. 1989: 34.


Duffy, Linda. Group Working To Release Cracks Grip On Frenchtown.” Tallahassee

Democrat [FL] 3 Jan. 1988. Newsbank, Health, 1988, fiche 5, grids B12, 13.

Newspaper Article:

Smith, John. Navajo Land Dispute Boils Over in Court.” Arizona Republic 23 Mar.

1992: A3.

Doe, Jane. Hazardous Chemicals Spilled on Highway 80.” New York Times 16 Nov.

1991, late ed.: B3.


Use the same form for a pamphlet as you would a book.


Jacobson, Jodi L. Holding Back the Sea.” Futurist Sept.-Oct. 1990: 20-27.

SIRS Combined Text & Index CD-ROM. Ed. Eleanor Goldstein. Boca Raton, FL:

Social Issues Resources Ser., 1993. Earth Science 1991 file, art. 25.

**Note: The editor of SIRS, Eleanor Goldstein, and the CD-ROM information, always appears in the listings, even though this information will not appear at the top of the article.

Television or Radio:

General Form:

“Title of episode.” Title of program (underlined or italics). Names of people involved, as appropriate. Title of series, if any (no quotes or underlining). Name of network. Call letters and city. Broadcast date.

The Early Americans. Narr. John Witt. Writ. and prod. Annette Fisher. ABC News.

KNOW, Chicago. 24 Apr. 1985.

Sample Bibliography (from Mark McKeown–Summer 1992) If Netscape Browser version is less than 3.0, the underlining of the book titles will not show.

Works Consulted

Brute Force.  Exec. Prod. Craig Haffner.  Prod. Lisa Bourgouijan.  Dir.    

        Robert Kirk.  A&E, Phoenix.  1 Oct. 1992.                       

Bryant, T.N., and Julian W. T. Wimpenny.  Computers in Microbiology:        A Practical Approach.  New York:  IRL, 1989.                     

Cohn, David.  "Murder in Marin."  Catalyst  June 1992:  102-05.          

Dornheim, Michael A.  "Low-Cost Simulation Likely to Reshape Market."    

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Larsen, Kent.  "Computer Simulation Makes Mies Add-on Look Real."        

        Architectural Record  Jan.  1992:  35.                           

Nelson, Dave.  "FEA at Ford:  Engineers Cut Manufacturing Costs with      

        Inertia Software."  Cadence  Aug.  1990:  77-79.                          

"New Image-Generator May Find Role in Field Unit Simulators."  Aviation  

        Week and Space Technology  2 Sept. 1991: 41.                     

Peterson, Ivars.  "Stretching the Time to Orbital Catastrophe."    

        Science News  11 Apr. 1992:  231.                                

Scott, William B.  "Computer Simulations Place Models of Humans in       

        Realistic Scenarios."  Aviation Week and Space Technology  

        24 June 1991:  64-65.                                            

Wilke, John R.  "Technology:  U.S. Bobsled Drivers Take Simuated Ride."   

        Wall Street Journal  6 Jan. 1992, sec. B:1.                     

In text (Parenthetical) MLA Citations

In text (parenthetical) citations have taken the place of footnotes and endnotes. The form used refers the reader to the bibliography page for information on the source. Basically the citation will appear at the end of a sentence or series of sentences that need to be cited.

Basic form: end of sentence (Smith 42). The author’s last name is used, and the specific page where the information was obtained. If the author’s name is used in the text of the material that is cited, the name is omitted, i.e. (42). Other notes that are consecutive to this note do not need to repeat the author’s last name.

More than one source by same author: (Smith “Enough words of title to lead reader to right citing” 42). I.E. (Smith “The quest for” 42) or (Smith Danger in 42).

More than one author with same name: (Smith, L 42) (Smith, W 42).

The period for the sentence is placed outside the parentheses except when the citation is for a long quote. On a long quote form, the period is at the end of the last sentence of the quote, and the citation appears comes after the period.




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