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Dance Program




We have an official sequential and rigorous program of dance courses at SBHS! All classes receive Physical Education and/or Visual and Performing Arts credit.



This course is a beginning class which offers an introduction to various styles of dance

including:  Ballet, Contemporary Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ethnic/Folk, Ballroom and Tap.  This course is open to 9-12 grade students without an audition and requires a minimal time commitment from the dancers.  Students perform in two concert events throughout the year.  


The following courses are continuation of “Dance I & II” and require an audition or teacher recommendation only.




This course targets the highly motivated, focused, and skilled students who want to broaden their technique, creative work, and performance experience. This class is a continuation of Dance I & II covering much of the same subject matter with more complex and demanding technical skills and movement combinations.  An intermediate/advance course between beginning dance and the performing ensembles, students have the opportunity to improve their technical skills without the extra performance responsibilities. Students perform in two concert events throughout the year and Dance Convention Events.  This class requires a well-developed, self-discipline, personal responsibility and a concern for and a commitment to the success of the ensemble.  This is the highest level of the dance program. This course is open to 10-12 grade students (or exceptional 9th) grade men and women by audition or teacher recommendation only.  



Dance team performs at football games, basketball games, parades with the band, pep rallies, local dance competitions, and community events.  They also perform in the dance recital first semester and dance concert second semester.   It is the primary performing ensemble which represents SBHS at all the events listed above.  This course requires a large time commitment.  This is open to 10-12 

(or exceptional 9th) grade students by audition only.