High School

Attendance Reporting

To report an absence, call, e-mail, send a written note, or respond to the Parent Square notification. Please call the attendance office at 805 966-9101 ext. 5011 or 5012, or E-mail: sbhs_attendanceoffice@sbunified.org


Excused Absences: Education Code Section 48205 permits a pupil to be excused from school under certain circumstances:

  • Illness
  • Medical, dental, optometry, chiropractic services
  • Quarantine
  • Funeral of immediate family, limited to 1 day in state, 3 days out of state
  • Court Appearance*
  • Illness of custodial child*
  • Religious holiday or ceremony*
  • Religious retreats limited to 4 hours per semester*
  • Employment conferences*
  • Other reasons pursuant to board policy*

*Prior approval of these absences must be requested in writing by parent/guardian and approved by an administrator.

Appointments during school hours: Requests by a parent for a student to visit a doctor, dentist, or other appointment should be made prior to the appointment time. The student must bring a note, or the parent may call the Attendance Office stating the time the student will need to leave campus.  When returning from the appointment, the student must check into the Attendance Office before returning to class.  Verification from the doctor/dentist may be required.

Illness during school hours:  A student who feels too ill to continue school must obtain a pass from their teacher to report to the Health Office. Failure to report back to class or the Heath Office will be considered truancy.  Student should not be using their cell phones during school hours to call their parents from the classroom.  Students need to come up to the Health Office and will be allowed to call home from there.

Students may NOT leave campus without a parent notifying the Attendance Office in ADVANCE.

Part Day Absences:  Students leaving campus for any reason throughout the normal school day must check out in advance through the Attendance Office.

A student may check out during the day if:

*They have a signed note by the parent stating the reason for leaving and time required to check out.  The note must have a parent signature and a phone number to verify the reason. If the student is leaving for medical reasons, (i.e. doctor, dentist, etc).

*A parent phones the Attendance Office in advance.

*The parent comes into the Attendance Office and signs the student out.


Consequences of Truancy

Santa Barbara County CLASS (Community Leadership in Achieving Student Success)

1 period cut = 1 lunch detention

Step 1: 12 period cuts, Notification letter # 1: A letter informing parents of their child’s unexcused absences and the relevant laws regarding school attendance.

Step 2: 24 period cuts, Notification letter # 2, After School Meeting (ASM): A group meeting focusing on parent and student accountability, social and legal consequences of truancy, and information regarding county and community resources.

Step 3: 48 period cuts, Administrator Meeting (AM): A meeting with an administrator focusing on addressing individual attendance needs, and where a contract may be signed.

Step 4: Pre Referral from SARB, Truancy Mediation Team (TMT): A meeting with a team comprising of representatives from the school, the District Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement, Probation, Mental Health, Public Health and various community organizations.

Step 5: Referral to the District Attorney for possible prosecution: A meeting with an independent panel of district, county and community participants with possible referral to Probation or the District Attorney.