High School

Mental Wellness Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Crisis Textline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text "Hello" to 741741

Safe Alternative for Treating Youth (SAFTY) Crisis Line 1-888-334-2777

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Noah's can provide residential services to youth ages 12-17, drop-in services to youth ages 12-21, and off-site and street outreach support up to the age of 24. These services include overnight shelter, showers, food, clothing, hygiene products, laundry, mailing address, bus passes, property storage, crisis counseling, case management, family reunification counseling, and client advocacy.

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YouthWell FREE Virtual Workshop

When? March 13, 4:30-6pm

Where? Virtual Workshop

Cost? Free

What? Develop your communication style to increase connection. Students (ages 10-25), parents, and those working with youth will learn to strengthen relationships through active listening and constructive responding. Build empathic listening skills to better interact with family, friends, youth, and co-workers. Learn how to support a friend you care about. SPEAKER, Michael Takahara, Health Education Specialist at UCSB.

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Desarrolla tu estilo de comunicación para aumentar la conexión.

¿Cuándo? 13 de marzo, 4:30-6pm

¿Donde? Taller de bienestar virtual gratuito

¿Costo? Gratis

¿Qué? Los estudiantes (de 10 a 25 años), los padres y quienes trabajan con jóvenes aprenderán a fortalecer las relaciones a través de la escucha activa y la respuesta constructiva. Desarrolle habilidades de escucha empática para interactuar mejor con familiares, amigos, jóvenes, y compañeros de trabajo. Aprende cómo apoyar a un amigo que te importa. EL ORADOR, Michael Takahara, especialista en educación para la salud en UCSB. 

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