High School

Dance 1

Goals: This dance class is designed to help bring a greater awareness in the art of dance, its technique, style, performance quality, musicality and strength needed as well as implement better body alignment, identify dance terminology, movement phrases, and part history.

Corse Content: Dance 1 is a beginning class for the student who has had little or no background training in dance.  This class emphasizes on cardiovascular endurance, physical strength, flexibility, injury prevention, nutrition and wellness through the exploration of various forms of dance (Jazz, Contemporary  Modern, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap, Ethnic/Folk Dance).   This course focuses on developing introductory skills in dance technique and a lifetime commitment to physical activity.  Dance I/II helps students learn the beginning skills of dance while improving their technique, poise, self-confidence and creative ability.  

Students will have the opportunity to perform two times a year.  They are expected to perform in an informal dance recital (1st semester) and dance concert performance (end of 2nd semester).  Alternating each week, we will have either a classroom writing day or a fitness day (mile run, circuit training, aerobics, etc.) Students must bring athletic shoes for fitness days and must bring a pen or pencil.

This course is open to all 9-12 grade students without an audition.
*Students are required to dress for class everyday, no exceptions!! Students learn a great deal of material everyday by teacher demonstration so if they are absent it is extremely difficult to make it up.  A doctor’s note is required to sit out for medical reasons and is needed to avoid losing participation points.