High School

Dance Production

Goals: This dance class is designed to help students develop dance knowledge through technique, improvisation and choreography.  Students will be able to execute movement combinations and exercises progressing to higher skill levels as well as communicate dance related thoughts, ideas and messages through dance movements.  Students will also explore the history of a variety of dance forms, as well as prominent figures in each field of dance.

Course Content: This course targets the highly motivated, focused, and skilled students who want to broaden their technique, creative work, and performance experience.  An intermediate/advanced level class for students who have two or more years of training in dance.  In Dance Production, students are expected to perform in one informal dance recital (1st semester) and Spring dance concert performance (end of 2nd semester) in addition to planning sets, lighting, and costumes for an original dance.  Students will explore movements and discover new ways to move and increase dance vocabulary. They will experience structural, thematic, rhythmical, and cultural approach to composition.  Students will be introduced to famous choreographers and choreography analysis. Creation and composition of movement will be required, work ethic, organizing/planning/scheduling (rehearsals), and dance history/culture throughout the year.   Students will be able to gain confidence in ability to move efficiently, respect and value the rich cultural history of dance; learn to appreciate and care for their bodies through proper conditioning, dance technique, rest and nutrition.  The curriculum would follow the Common Core State Standard.

Students concentrate on choreography development, intermediate/advanced skill development within different dance genres - Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Modern, Ballet, Tap, Ball Room, and Ethnic/Folk dances with a major emphasis on performance productions.  Students have a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule which requires well-developed self-discipline, personal responsibility and a concern for and commitment to the success of the ensemble.  This course is offered to 10- 12 grade students through teacher’s approval or audition only.  

Prerequisites: Dance I and II or by audition with teacher’s approval

*Students are required to dress for class everyday, no exceptions!! Students learn a great deal of material everyday by teacher demonstration so if they are absent it is extremely difficult to make it up.  A doctor’s note is required to sit out for medical reasons and is needed to avoid losing participation points.