High School

Sports Medicine Pathway

Our Mission

Health science and medical careers are rapidly growing and diversifying.  Health care jobs such as X-ray Technicians, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dental Hygienists and research positions need to be filled by candidates of various aptitudes and abilities.  Our pathway intent is to build upon student interests by expanding their knowledge and their skill set to excel in the post high school course work necessary for their career goals.

Possible Academic Paths

Our pathway aims at preparing a variety of students for a broad range of careers.  Not every student will take the same classes the same year of school.  It is best to evaluate your own strengths, motivations, and goals to decide your own path.  Below are some potential paths that may speak to your interests.  The path you choose can be adjusted throughout your high school career.

Coures Offerings

Medical Chemistry:
A great introduction to basic chemical properties and processes as related to the human body, health, and medical careers.  This course is perfect for students interested in a health career but not yet ready for Honors Chemistry.  Medical Chemistry will serve as a foundation for future or concurrent biology classes as well as A.P. Biology.

Honors Chemistry:
If you are interested in pursuing a pre-med program in college and you are strong in math you should enroll in Honors Chemistry.  You must have satisfactorily completed Honors Chemistry to enroll in A.P Chemistry.  A strong foundation in Chemistry will make your first years in a pre-med program more successful.  

Medical Biology:
Starts with an overview of the human body and then dives into five systems in detail while incorporating basic biological principles.  If you are interested in a health career, or think that learning biology in the context of the human body sounds interesting, this is the class for you.  

Get ready to memorize!  In this class you will explore the human body and its systems as they relate to human movement and performance.  If you are interested in pursuing a career as a health care professional or learning about human anatomy and physiology Kinesiology is the class for you. Needed to enroll in Sports Medicine.

Sports Medicine:
Provides an overview of: health care occupations, human anatomy, medical terminology, nutrition, physical fitness, soft tissue and bone response to trauma, emergency procedures, therapeutic modalities and exercises, and evaluation and classification of sports related injuries.  You will have the opportunity to apply what you learn in class as you rotate through on-the-job training experiences with local athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and physical education instructors. 

A.P. Biology & A.P. Chemistry:
If your career goal involves continuing education after high school, plan on completing at least one A.P. class to give yourself the best possible start in college.